From Waste to Resource.Recovering sustainable Attitudes.

The international exhibition focused on our relationship with the environment and presented different art and design objects, which are created trough upcycling methods. The travelling exhibition opened its doors in Barcelona, Pécs and Berlin. The show in Pécs (HU) took place in the „ place for creativity and healthy lifestyle”. Béla Műhely had a music performance on the opening ceremony.

Kunst-Stoffe, Berlin
Labor, Pecs
Drap-Art, Barcelona

Elisa Garrote Gasch,Pat-Bird,Gina Neuwald,Szea, ReArt Group, Cellux Group, RMH, Retextil Foundation,Imanol Ossa, Marisa Stinga, David Rigal, Eduard Palaus, Jana Álvarez, J.M., Karol Bergeret, Masimba Jeff Mwazha (Zenzele)

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