“i know no weekend”. socially committed art in Eastern Europe 2011/2012.

The project aims to promote a current, critical engagement with the art theories and concepts of Joseph Beuys on an international level. Young artists from the participating cities are called upon to deal with the validity of Beuys’ artistic approaches to today’s society. They are encouraged to deal artistically with current social and political issues and how they interrelate. The program consists of an exhibition and a series of artistic interventions in public space. By presenting art in an unconventional way, the social commitment of young artists will be presented to a broad audience. Furthermore, through the project an international network of art academies will be built up and strengthened, and the mobility of artists from the participating countries will be fostered.

Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad (www.akademija.uns.ac.rs)
Academy of Arts, University of Banja Luka (www.aubl.org)
Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Fine Arts (www.ffa.vutbr.cz)
E. Geppert Academy of Art and Design in Wroclaw (www.asp.wroc.pl)
Technical University of Kosice, Faculty of Arts (www.tuke.sk)
University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts (www.pte.hu)

Katja Melzer, Hajnal Szolga

Anna Żak: “Place” / „Tér”
Ninoslav Kovačević: “The collective dream” / „A közösségi álom”
Michaela Bottková: “Place of honour” / „A becsület helye”
Slobodan Stošić: “The hole” / „A verem”
István Szántó: “Beeswaxbed” / „Méhviaszágy”
Kateřina Horáčková: “Honeymachine” / „Mézautomata”

project page and videodocumentation

ERSTE Foundation (www.erstestiftung.org)
Goethe-Institut (www.goethe.de)
Robert Bosch Stiftung (www.bosch-stiftung.de)