Lost Paradise

The title of the exhibition is from John Milton’s epic poem, which is about the history of human fall (sin), it treats with the conflict between predestination and freedom of the will. In today’s context it aims to the individual, the society and our environment vicissitudinary connection, and to from this resultant human identity-and attitude changing or to even the rising natural problem.On the exhibition we can see Gábor Kerekes’s large-scale collage installations and Ulu Braun’s movies and panoramic videos, which are surreal artworks from our future, shocking utopias and visions. The XX. Century’s cubist, dadaist collage technic, pop art, surreal mixed with a contemporary gesture system, and with bold space use. With sophisticated humor spiced social criticism’s message open they an unending art philosophic discussion, and open the question of picture and reality, too. Gábor’s and Ulm’s works as subjects, the human and nature’s relationships charting, as artistic expressions jingles, they develop thoroughly their subjective micro world, imaginary reality with small elaboration.

Artist: Ulu Braun (DE), Kerekes Gábor (HU)
Curator: Szolga Hajnal
Organiser: Lenau Egyesület
Partners: SmArt Egyesület, ZSÖK
Supporters: Goethe Intézet Budapest
Collaborators: Control Film Egyesület, Közelítés Egyesület

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