The hungarian exhibition took place in „Künstlerhaus Dortmund“ – a place of experimental art – in frame of the „scene:ungarn in nrw“ festival. The curatorial view focused on the difference of contemporary artistic approaches and choose installation as medium.

Anna Baróthy – Performance
István Csákány – Site-specific installation
Barbara Follárd – Video
Ádám Kokesch – Plastic Installation
Csenge Kolozsvári – Installation
Marianna Szabó – Installation
Szövetség’39 – Site-specific installation
Hajnalka Tarr – Drawings
Zsolt Tibor – Drawings with Projection, Installation

Hannes Woidich, Hajnal Szolga, Willi Otremba

Adam Kokesch Anna Barothy Barbara Follard Csenge Kolozsari Hajnalka Tarr Istvan Csakany Marianna Szabo Szövetseg 39 Zsolt Tibor