„City Noises“ – No Distance. No Contact.

Site-specific sound installation and visualisation

The project is based on the the vibrations as one of the aspects of sound, and deals with human interactions, and the use of space. We always adapt the installation on the given city and its inhabitants where it is presented.Each of its users get a small transmitter to which one of the prerecorded sounds of the actual city is assigned. Amongst the devices there is a particular one which measures the proximity of the others from itself. The audible sound experience is determined by these data, so the users themselves can influence it with their moving. The playground of the installation gives the opportunity for the users to realize the existence of the everyday relations between people and the city via a sound-based but complex experience. 


Production management: Hajnal Szolga ‘Szaffi’

Software and hardware: Márton András Juhász,  Ágoston ‘Stc’ Nagy

Installation design: Anna Baróthy, Melinda Bozsó, Marcell González

Graphic design: Melinda Bozsó


events          pictures      http://www.binaura.net/stc/wrx/ndnc/