Synoptic 2009

The works of art are structured around the notion “unstable”. As media art points out the areas of technique and art, “unstable” can be interpreted on the one hand from the point of view of a technocratic, on the other hand from a societal or existential perspective. The problems arising on the scenery of digital media, the problems of archives, copyright, remixability, data storage, and vendibility make art’s and the artist’s task more difficult. As far as the individual is concerned, instability can refer to insecurity and doubt, which expands to political, cultural, religious, and gender identity. Apart from the individual scene, the appointed topic can also be interpreted on a global ground. Instable conveyers, instable decisions, are the causes of certain catastrophes in nature and industry, of accidents, communication disorders,the changes of our habits and behaviour patterns.

Our environment becomes an instable, defenceless place towards global warming, lack of raw material, ethnic and interest defence wars.How can we create a secure position for the individual and for society seemingly, or for a short time at least? The event is to deal with these problems, and open up an own interpretational field through artistic expression.


Curators: Hajnal Szolga; Peter Lovas