*In the third picture*

Velimir Zernovski (MK): *In the third picture*
2010, video, 15 min.
Re-question everything! In the third picture is a film about transition and transience of our own personal identifications and our own attitude in a relation to these changes. The narration is created of several events that are totally different one from another, but in a collision they are developing a structure of moments, thoughts, and ideas about life, death, identity and power of changing. What is about to change?In its deconstructive approach, this video is talking about authors personal frustrations and expectations regarding his own “I” in frame of this space and time. It is a personal confession thru the other. There must be” the other” so “I” can exist. This recourse makes confession impossible, and the attitude held in relation to the changes imposed is dispossessing the self-present and empowered subject. It is attitude coming from the other in a moment that cannot be predicted and expected. It is not important any more who stands behind the narration of the film, questions are now most important in this process of „finding our own I. It is the question that the film tries to safe since the question must be hosted in its coming from the other. It is a film of the becoming-question, the becoming-friend that is becoming-other-than-oneself. Where is I and is it possible for WE to exist?