Art on Bike

The Art on Bike workshop is a 5 days artist camp in the south of Hungary in Kémes. We made an experiment connected to art and bicycles. Why? Because we are interested in green art and sustainable design, in installations that work with renewable or smart energy. We created a “power bike”, which can generate and keep electricity. Our aim is to convert kinetic energy to electricity, and connect an art piece to the energy generator bike. Thus we can generate energy watching a movie or operating an instrument, but we can also put a light-sculpture or a music sculpture into motion.

MIchal Kindernay (Prague)
Helena Jiráková (Prague)
Suncica Pasuljevic Kandic (Novi Sad)
Péter Soltész(Pecs)
Simor Árpád(Pecs)
Peter Lovas(Pecs-Berlin)
Hajnal Szolga(Pecs)