Synoptic 2012

Recall: Interspace Artistic Interventions 2012
Synoptic is SmArt Association’s yearly event regularly held in Pécs. In 2012 artistic installations will be set up on public grounds and facades. Sites of the city with artistic, architectural and political relevance will be the hosts of these works of art. This years’s codeword is „RECALL“. This primarily trying to represent the artistic attitude towards sustainable progress, environmental education and other environment conscious trends. The concepts of renewable energy, green installations and recycling tendencies are often joined by artists considering their formal and technical solutions or basic concept. „Recall“ means reaching into our memory and rethinking. We rethink art’s bound forms, the placement of the artworks as well as the role of the artist.

Curator:Hajnal Szolga

Gábor Kerekes: Utopia Now
Emil Andor Kiss, Tamás Koltai, Reart: Vertical Garden
H3T,Jan Schierwarter,Tamás Bérces,Árpád Simor,Márton Szuhay:Light-Cycling
Szövetség ’39: AER
Klára Orosz: Vibratile
plak_2012_08_D  szor_altalanos_2012_08