Artistic Statement

I am a photographer working with analog cameras and developing my photos. I love to experiment with the material in the darkroom to reach my conceptional visions or sometimes just let the chemicals work by themselves creating accidental abstract forms and exciting surfaces. I present my works as narrative photo series which refer to dystopian fiction. These series do not try to tell an exact story, but stay on a poetic level and transmit individual feelings. My works are based on the fusion of conceptual thoughts and intuitions and influenced by a quite large scale of interests from science fiction literature through alchemy, biotechnology to climate activism. 

Hajnal Szolga


Her works are a critical view of social, ecological, and cultural issues. Her narrative photography is focused on doubt of mass consumption and on its social and psychological effects. She studies the human behaviour that affects nature and our possessions and usually deals with the relationship between people and their environment, mostly reflecting on the consequences of climate change through her own subjective, futuristic visions. 

Hajnal Szolga is a Hungarian visual artist, photographer, lives and works in Berlin. She studied philosophy and visual communication in Hungary, had a scholarship on the Humboldt University Berlin, CEU Valencia, MOME Budapest, and finalised curatorial studies at the Robert Bosch Foundation. She learned photography in Berlin, focusing on analog B&W Photos, including the development process in the darkroom.

Exhibitions and Residencies (selected):

2020 – Blindage exhibition and Igor Metropol Residency, Budapest

2020 – MELT! Group show – Producer’s Gallery, Berlin

2020 – Artspring Festival, Group show – Janucz Korszak Bibliothek, Berlin

2020 – Tracking, Group show – Bethanien, Berlin

2019 – Pressure me! Group show – Milan e.V., Dresden

2019 – Base and Space, Group show – Afropa e.V. Dresden 

2018 – Left over Mind, Presentation and Residency, Grosskagen

2017 – OFF Biennale Budapest, Group show – Reggeli, Pécs


Studio of Young Artists Association (FKSE); Foundation of Contemporary Hungarian Photo(KMF); Pécs-Baranya Artist Association (PBMT); Approach Art Association (KME); SmArt Cultural Association