Site-specific participatory work

Random size of several analog and digital photos and objects

TRACES OF SURVIVAL was adapted in a one day workshop of the R7 Gallery in Dresden, I was invited to improvise a site-specific installation. ‘Pressure Me’ is a residency program and an exhibition concept where participants have a 12-hour time frame to conceptualize and create an art piece.

The art action commences at 8 a.m and precisely 12 hours later, at 8 p.m, the participants have created, curated, and displayed their artworks! 

I set up a minimal scenographic atmosphere implying for an underground shelter and for its hiding resident. I installed a few symbolic objects (DIY compass, knife blade, vacuum space food, etc.)  and put my black and white photos (dead whales, collapse houses, destroyed devices, etc.) on the wall.

I left some memoirs on the table and invited visitors to continue writing a diary

Exhibition view

Exhibition view